Many of the links below have been mentioned in (email) discussions so far, for reference or inspiration. They won’t necessarily give you quick answers though!

Please do let us know if any of these links are no longer working. (Links with a  line through have been detected automatically as having problems when scanned – they MAY have been fixed since.)

Transition Malvern Hills resources

A slide show style summary of where Transition Malvern Hills has got to, at June 2012. A fairly large pdf document (3.4MB).

Transition Town links

Useful documents

View online

Mainly in Flash format – some are downloadable.

Other links

  • Petro Apocalypse Now? A film from a UK crew – “Over the last four years we have travelled around the world and talked to hundreds
    of people to try and find out why the price of oil is going up and up.”
  • Low Carbon Community Network conference site has a good ‘blogroll’ (list of blogs and other community websites).
  • Future Scenarios, from David Holmgren, originator of permaculture concept. “A long essay broken into micro-chapters” on the cultural implications of peak oil and climate change. Fiona says “I actually read the whole site, and I can recommend others to do the same.”

Suggested by Transition Handbook

The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins has a wealth of references. Here are a few with web links.

Online video



  • The Oil Drum Analysing and discussing the European energy gap and peak oil.
  • PowerSwitch “one of the best UK peak oil websites”. Has helpful selection of DVDs and books to buy, discussion forum and news. Also a downloadable guide to creating a Personal Energy Descent Plan (pdf, 32KB).
  • City Repair an “organized group action” that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live.


Books mentioned on this page and the DVDs may well be available from Green Shopping Catalogue, and no doubt other places such as Amazon.

  • Peak Everything: Waking up to the Century of Declines, Richard Heinberg.

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