Interested in a crop share partnership between a local grower and consumers?

The Fold COMMUNITY Farmunnamed

Lucy who runs the Care Farm at The Fold, Bransford is applying for a grant to develop it into a community farm in the form of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project, a partnership between community members and the Fold Farm in which the rewards, responsibilities and risks of farming are shared.

As a member you would receive a weekly share of the harvest and have the opportunity to get involved.  To help gauge demand please complete this simple questionnaire:

For more information on CSA’s see:

Abundance Malvern 2015

257111208_58f5b03861_oFor the last few years, volunteers have been picking fruit from tree owners with too much to use, and distributing the fruit to those who can use it, reducing food waste and food miles.

In late summer and autumn, fruit tree owners often have more fruit than they have time to pick, or the capacity to eat. Abundance Malvern was set up a few of years ago to stop this fruit from going to waste. Tree owners donate their fruit, volunteers pick it, and then abundance distribute it to other local people.

This year abundance are looking for more tree owners and volunteers who’d like to stop this fruit from going to waste. If you have a tree with excess fruit or a few hours to spare,  please contact Linda Hirschhorn

Dates for volunteers picking this year are 30th August, 6th September, 27th September, 4th October and 11th October, starting at 10am. 

Worcestershire Gleaning Network

It is here at last! The opportunity to volunteer for gleaning days in Worcestershire and surrounding areas. Growing Worcestershire and Gleaning Network UK have joined forces to create a Worcestershire Gleaning Network. If you would like to occasionally spend a day in the countryside alongside other like minded and friendly people helping to reduce food waste by harvesting surplus fruit and vegetables to pass on to those in need (you also get to take some home for yourself!) then register as a Gleaning Volunteer.
Go to then click on the Worcestershire button.
To learn more about the Gleaning movement and why it can make an important contribution to addressing the issues of waste, poverty and social justice visit
We hope to arrange some Gleaning Days this Autumn so please let know if you are aware of any friendly farmers and growers that we might approach.

Blackcurrants Gleaning Opportunity

Please see the message below from John Rhymer.

After several successful picks by Transition Stourbridge and others  there are still quite a few lovely organic blackcurrants at Vale Head Farm (Compton Road, Kinver, DY7 5NJ) needing to be picked!

The farmer, Ed Berger has invited anyone interested from Transition Towns and the Worcestershire Gleaning Network to  the next picking session next  Thursday 13th August 2015, from 6pm.

Everyone is welcome to take home half of what they pick as a Thank You and the other half the farm keeps for juicing.

Bring containers to take your share away!

Feel free to bring a picnic if it is your supper time! No need to book. Just turn up and Ed the farmer will tell you what to do.

Best Wishes
John Rhymer