Composting toilets – any interest in bulk buy?

From Guy Tomlinson:

I came across composting toilets at Grand Designs Live & soon as I can afford it, am looking to purchase a Separett Villa for all the ecological reasons. I wondered if other people in the Transition movement might also be interested in purchasing one for the same reasons?

If a few of us were interested, I’m sure I could negotiate a good discount ~ maybe 10% (or more depending on how many were being ordered) plus free delivery (if they were being delivered to one collection point in Malvern?).

If this is of any interest or you would like more information please contact Guy on 07986 102 404 by 30th November.

One thought on “Composting toilets – any interest in bulk buy?”

  1. Hello Guy

    I’ve missed your deadline, but Colwall Orchard Group does ultimately want to get a composting toilet at Colwall Village Garden. Could you let me know where you have got to with this?


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