Local Plastic Free Suppliers

This is  list of way locally you can reduce your contribution to plastic pollution.

Natural Choice in Barnards Green, Malvern (used to be Hunts Greengrocers) is a traditional family business, vegetables and fruit are all in “loose” displays, with different sized paper bags available. Also stocked: Seville oranges, Yorkshire pink rhubarb, local ice creams, dairy products, Teme Valley sausages and more. Home delivery free in Malvern. 01684 567467.

The Cheese Board (opposite Natural Choice) has local English wines and ciders as well as cheese and cooked meats. I recommend the Hereford Hop cheese. Cheese is cut to order and wrapped in paper. 01684 891900.

Green Link, 11 Graham Road, Malvern has large containers of Ecover washing up and laundry liquid etc, bring along your Ecover bottle and refill it. Melanie and I have used these for years with no ill effects! Ecover detergents are less harsh than other products. 01684 576266.

The Bran Tub, 27 Worcester Road Malvern sells reusable coffee cups.

Morrisons now allow you to bring your tupperware to their meat and fish counter. see here

Cotteswold Dairy, based in Tewkesbury and the Welsh Marches, is an independent family owned firm. Cotteswold offer a traditional doorstep delivery in Malvern using glass bottles which are collected and re-used daily. http://www.cotteswold-dairy.co.uk/. 01684 298959.

Lush, 103 High St, Worcester WR1 2HW. uk.lush.com
This is the main place to buy plastic-free health and beauty supplies.  Products are vegetarian (some vegan), ethically sourced and made (supporting sustainable crops and workers rights) and nothing is tested on animals.

There  is a active plastic free campaign in Worcester.  See the Facebook group Journey to zero waste in Worcestershire.