Welcome to new Malvern Hills Food Alliance (MHFA) members

MHFA is very pleased to welcome to the Alliance – Warren Farm Veg, a CSA from the Brockampton Estate, Bringsty and the Wilderness Regeneration Group, a community group centred on the Widerness Garden, Elgar Avenue Malvern.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to new Malvern Hills Food Alliance (MHFA) members”

  1. We are very excited to be new members of the Malvern Hills Food Alliance!
    The Wilderness Regeneration Group!

  2. I would like some advice regarding a food wastage issue. apples left to rot in piles in a neibours garden. what do i do without upsetting her?

  3. Its a bit late now, but you could ask her if she would like to offer them to the Malvern Abundance project? I expect the birds have enjoyed the apples!

  4. Composting toilets: Colwall orchard Group hopes to get a grant from the Malvern Hills AONB to build a composting loo at the Colwall Village Garden. If anyone has the time to come and help with the building project/would like to learn how to build one or would just like to come along to see how effective it is, do get in touch.

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