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Cafe Spiritual

A number of the Inner Transition group are given sessions as part of Cafe Spiritual.

The Cafe Spiritual is a local network coordinated by Tessa Maskell. They offer opportunities for spiritual companionship, support and enquiry during challenging and changing times.

The hold the cafe at The Carthouse @ The Fold, Bransford, Worcester WR6 5JB, Select here for a map, on the first Wednesday of each month 11.00 am - 12.30. Followed by Lunch in The Fold Cafe.

The next talk is on March 1st 2017  by Tessa Maskell.


Tessa Maskell will explore the concept of THE VIBRATIONAL ARK. In the past we learned about an ark which held two of each animal, but this Ark is at another level entirely. Can we join and live in a new Vibrational Ark, together, in unity and collective Presence?

For the rest of the program please download this document.