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Alternatives to Plastics

The following is a list of replacements for plastic object that are better for the environment that the plastic one we are currently using that are polluting our planet.

Healthcare items.

Bare in mind that more consciously-packaged healthcare items will also be more consciously produced. That means less harmful chemicals to disrupt hormones, skin, cells etc.

Cotton buds 


Plastic-free (paper stem) cotton buds are becoming widely available.

M&S and Co-op do ones that also use Fairtrade cotton! This is worth noting, as 'cotton' buds also often use rayon fibre instead of cotton, which is a reconstituted plant cellulose fibre, which requires caustic chemicals to make it. Organic cotton tips are preferable.

Feminine Care Products

Use cardboard applicator tampons.
Organic cotton tampons are available in Greenlink, The Bran Tub and increasingly in supermarkets. are chemical free (no abrasive bleach, pesticides or fertilizers used) - phew! They often come in plastic wraps, but they are at least recycled or recyclable to some degree.
They really aren't scary, then save you huge amounts of money (£20 a pop and they last for life!). They are latex-free, plastic-free, chemical-free... and they are the most reliable and comfortable sanitary protection. Straight from the horse's mouth!
Probably the  best website for stocking all of the various products.
Toothbrushes: Bamboo and recycled plastic toothbrushes can be bought in The Bran Tub and Greenlink.
Deodorant - Very cost effective, nice-smelling deodorant can be bought in bar form from Lush (nearest shop is Worcester). It is not anti-perspirant. Anti-perspirants rely on uses of aluminium in the deodorant, which has been linked to cancers.
I can vouch for the deodorant bar from Lush - it has lasted me a year and i've used it in very humid and hot countries!
Shampoo - Lush sell bars of shampoos and conditioners for around £5.50. Washing hair 3 times a week, i've made a bar last 6 months. Buy a tin in store too, to keep shampoo bar in, then just buy a new bar to put in the tin when you need to.
Hair dyes - also available in bar form from Lush.
Moisturiser - also available in bar form from Lush.
Lush, 103 High St, Worcester WR1 2HW,  is the main place to buy plastic-free health and beauty supplies.  Products are vegetarian (some vegan), ethically sourced and made (supporting sustainable crops and workers rights) and nothing is tested on animals.

Food items:

 Butter - Waitrose Essential Butter comes in waxed paper.
Meat - Morrisons now allow you to take your own tuppaware to the meat counter. As would most butchers.
Alternatives to cling film:
Put a plate/saucer over the leftovers in the fridge
Beeswax wraps: also great for wrapping sandwiches for packed lunches, and collapse into pockets so you don't have to carry around empty tuppaware!
You can make your own using old fabrics with this recipe:
Or buy some fairly locally-made ones from this lady in Stroud:
It's also worth checking out The Plastic Free Shop for every solution imaginable: