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Website notes

This is the website for Transition Malvern Hills.

While we strive to ensure that the site meets the highest standards, like everybody else we can make mistakes and fall short. Your feedback is appreciated (even better if you get involved!) and we will try to respond promptly.

Content is written by a variety of contributors and may not always reflect group policy or views of others. A link to or mention of a business does not necessarily indicate approval or endorsement.

Copyright is held by Transition Malvern Hills and also the relevant contributing individuals and groups.

Cookies and user tracking

This website uses the widely adopted Google Analytics service to give us an idea of the number of visitors and what they are viewing. This doesn't identify individuals, and uses both cookies (a small file stored on your computer) and Javascript.

You can stop this tracking by either disabling Javascript or using a web browser such as Firefox which allows you to set your own choice on which sites can use cookies. Cookies are essential to enable registered users to log in and update content on Transition Malvern Hills.

Site admin

WordPress open source software powers the website, with a range of plug-ins and the TwentyFifteen theme. If you encounter problems in navigating or reading the site, please let us know using the contact form. Thank you.

The Google calendar which feeds the events list is managed by Nathan, Ian and Ginny, with input from others.