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Inner Transition

Inner transition is no longer active but this page has been left for reference

Helping Create Flourishing Communities

Progress has delivered much, but one thing it hasn’t delivered for us in the UK is greater happiness. As a nation we are no happier now than we were 40 years ago. Over this same time period life has in many ways got harder, not easier. We have banking crises, the Euro is always on the verge of collapse, we seem unable to provide the elderly with adequate care, wealth is increasingly unevenly distributed, far too many of our youth can’t find jobs, species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate - in short the current system isn’t working. That’s why the Transition movement has emerged.

What is Transition?

Transition is a global movement of local, community-led initiatives that help people become happier and the towns and villages they live in become stronger and more resilient. Its happening in over a 1000 communities across the world. These communities have started up projects in areas such as food, transport, energy, education, waste, arts, etc as small scale, local responses to the challenges of climate change, economic hardship, loss of community, and shrinking supplies of resources. One of these initiatives is Transition Malvern Hills (TMH) - and there is a lot more information about TMH on this website.

TMH has had a number of successes in building community and resilience through initiatives such as regular social events, a car club, saving the gas lamps, a garden-share scheme, reskilling workshops, supporting the establishment of The Cube community centre, and providing home energy surveys. These initiatives are helping us strengthen our sense of community locally, make the transition towards a sustainable and fulfilling way of living and so contribute to ensuring the planet that we live on and depend on continues to provide an hospitable home to us.

But, for most of us, making these transitions is not easy. We are all attached to our current ways of living: we are committed consumers; we like being able to buy goods from around the world; we like the convenience of our cars; we like having lots of choice when we go shopping, we enjoy the convenience of supermarkets. And despite recognising that all this comes at a cost, whether in terms of climate change, resource exhaustion, closure of local shops, and so forth, we continue in our habitual ways.

Inner Transition

What is Inner Transition?

Part of the reason we struggle to change is that successfully making transitions involves following two paths. One path is the outer path of action in the world. The Outer Path is what most of the Transition movement effort is focused on and is vital - after all it is what creates the changes we need. The second, and often ignored, path is the the Inner Path of our own self-development, unfolding, healing and deepening as human beings. Following the Inner Path is what mobilises our enthusiasm and motivation to create a better world, and helps us overcome the blocks we all have to taking the actions needed. If we just follow one of these paths we will struggle to change. Inner Transition is about helping us follow the Inner Path as well as the Outer Path.

The Inner Transition group of TMH has been meeting monthly since the end of 2011. We use the group to:

  • provide a safe space where we can explore what we’re thinking and feeling in response to the ups and downs of making the outer transition, and help us adjust to the changes that are already going on in the world
  • connect with others on the same journey, share the challenges and rewards, and build a supportive and resilient community committed to change
  • exploring what the tools for change available to us are and and how we can apply them to make the changes we want to see in our lives, and to become the people we want to be
  • understand what we need to be healthy, happy and fulfilled and how we and others can get our needs (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) met
  • build local resilience in the face of national and global political-economic systems which erode cooperative, supportive communities and fuel sickness and social breakdown
  • create an inspiring vision of how The Malverns could be a more resilient and flourishing community, how we the people of The Malverns could be happier, and more fulfilled, and what we would need to do to make this happen.

In addition to the above, we have explored various aspects of our own Inner Paths with topics including Mythology and the Inner Journey, Creating Relationship with Nature through Sound and Song, Active Hope and The Work That Reconnects, Non Violent Communication, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Through the above, we work to let go of prejudices and rigid thinking, be more open to our feelings and those of others, develop our creativity and imagination, enjoy simplicity, and more fully express our true selves - with the aim of becoming better at ‘transitionning’ and so live lives that have a positive environmental impact, are socially responsible, and are fulfilling.

For a list of the Inner Transition meetings held to date, click here.

For a list of  resources, click here.


If you’re interested in Inner Transition and would like to come to one of our meetings (we usually meet on the last Monday of the month), fill out the form below for a warm welcome and details of our upcoming meetings.

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