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Abundance Malvern 2015

257111208_58f5b03861_oFor the last few years, volunteers have been picking fruit from tree owners with too much to use, and distributing the fruit to those who can use it, reducing food waste and food miles.

In late summer and autumn, fruit tree owners often have more fruit than they have time to pick, or the capacity to eat. Abundance Malvern was set up a few of years ago to stop this fruit from going to waste. Tree owners donate their fruit, volunteers pick it, and then abundance distribute it to other local people.

This year abundance are looking for more tree owners and volunteers who’d like to stop this fruit from going to waste. If you have a tree with excess fruit or a few hours to spare,  please contact Linda Hirschhorn

Dates for volunteers picking this year are 30th August, 6th September, 27th September, 4th October and 11th October, starting at 10am.