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with Robin Coates

An invite to all Transition Malvern Hills members from the Inner Transition Group.

Monday October 26th at The Cube, 7.30 to 9.30pm (Albert Road North, Malvern, WR14 2YF)

What is the connection and complementarity between the Inner Transition Group and the other Transition Malvern Hills (TMH) projects?

And what is the connection and complementarity between our Inner Transitions and the Outer Transitions that we would like to see in the world?

This session will explore this question - hopefully with members representing many aspects of TMH activities present.

This session fits with our theme of Recovering the Wisdom of Gaia in the sense that Gaia is a complex interconnected system of apparently enormously different life forms and physical systems. 

So we will look at our similarities and differences and how they can/could complement one another. Part of the process will be using the idea that we are all part of a learning and adapting system.

This event is open to all members of TMH - we hope as many as possible will attend.

An entertaining history of ‘Growing your own’ in song, verse and humorous sketches! On Friday 14th March at Malvern Cube.

The show is a light-hearted ‘potted’ history of ‘growing your own’ and is a fast moving, humorous and engaging production involving narration, songs, poetry, music and sketches. Digging for Victory, The Horticultural Show, slugs, pests, neighbourly rivalries and even a bit of romance are all there - for those who enjoy a ‘sing’, there is also plenty of opportunity to join in.

‘Merry Tiller’ features a cast of eleven talented local actors, singers and musicians and lasts approximately seventy minutes.

Friday March 14th, doors open 7pm, at Malvern Cube, Albert Road North, Malvern WR14 2YF. Tickets £5 (from The Cube 01684 575363 or on the door). Pdf Flyer for Merry Tiller (191KB)

Bar available with local beer and cider. A light supper will be available before the performance (not included in ticket price).

Come and browse exhibits by local food and growing groups.
Evening organised by Transition Malvern Hills and Malvern Hills Food Alliance.

Community vegetable growing at the Cube

At the Cube we have the first community vegetable growing project in Malvern with 10 raised beds. Community growing makes it lighter work, shares knowledge well and handles gluts as many people can benefit from the produce. TMH have several other food based initiatives and are also partners with the Malvern Hills Food Alliance. Food growing and preparation have enormous potential for not only lowering our Carbon Footprint but improving our health, fitness and wellbeing.

In a previous article we set out the case for Local Community Energy Co-operatives as a valuable way forward in reducing our reliance on damaging fossil fuel energy sources. Now Malvern Community Energy Co-operative (MCEC, set up by Transition Malvern Hills) is offering you the opportunity to invest in this attractive, ethical investment in community renewable energy generation.

There are now examples in the UK and a very large number of community schemes in the rest of Europe. To see some of the UK schemes visit, local examples are Leominster Solar PV panels on the leisure centre, Woolhope Woodheat Biomass boilers and wood supply and Neen Sollars Community Hydro.

MCEC has a team of 10 volunteers determined to make this work locally. We are now completing the Share Offer document so that local people can decide whether they want to join us as members of the Co-op by subscribing/investing in our first project to put Solar PhotoVoltaic panels on the Malvern Cube.

We have chosen the Cube as our first building because of the additional social value we can create by reducing the Cube’s electricity bills, as well as being capable of delivering a modest return to MCEC’s members/community subscribers. Could you be one of them?  The minimum shareholding is £250. We are still finalising the sums but we expect the average annual rate of return to be in excess of 3% for non tax payers and more than twice that for tax payers. 

There will be a Launch meeting for the Share Offer at the Cube at 8pm on the 10th March. We are collecting details of people interested in investing so we can keep them up to date.

If you are interested or even excited about this new and very important venture, contact at

MCE Poster for circulation and display (pdf).

UPDATE: link to share offer information

Malvern Hills Green Party is holding its annual fund-raising Burns Night Ceilidh on Friday 24th January from 7.30 pm to midnight at Malvern Cube.  The popular Canon Frome Community based group, The Loose Canons, are playing again after their success at the 2013 event, and the move from West Malvern Village Hall to the Cube ensures that there is more space for dancing!

The ticket price of £8.00 (in advance), £10.00 on the door, £25.00 for a family of four includes a light ploughman's meal.  Draught local ale, cider, wine and soft drinks will also be on sale.  You can reserve tickets in advance from [sf_email][/sf_email]

Saturday  1st February  9.30 am to 4.30pm.

Venue: The Fold. Bransford. Worcester  

Finding Strength front 1st feb 2014 email version Finding Strength back 1st Feb 2014 email version







A powerful one day workshop to reflect on what's really important  for you to live a more satisfying life.   

By the end of the day you will feel clear to make changes and decisions that truly support who you are.  

Whilst farming the delightful land around here for around 40 years I have become increasingly concerned for the state of our wonderful earth. We live on this amazing planet and yet whilst science tells us that business as usual is not an option, society as a whole often seems like rabbits caught in headlights unable to act or change.

This work brings us into contact with what we are truly grateful for and what we most struggle with. Bringing these polarities into consciousness clarifies our perspective and from this new place we can make more powerful decisions. And whilst we come to terms with learning to live with uncertainty we see a far more positive possible outcome.

Cost: £60.00,  £40.00 or £20.00 subject to income including lunch

Early booking recommended.  Pre-booking essential - please contact  Kirsti on  T 01823 662934    M 07798 67 67 96

For more information see:-   -  This powerful workshop is based on Joanna Macy's life affirming 'Work That Reconnects', a tried and tested approach for exploring our lives in relation to the state of our world.

7.30pm on Friday 15 November 2013

Great Malvern Hotel, Graham Road

 Come and join us for another great Quiz night!   Julian Roskams is our Quizmaster for the evening so a fun and unique evening of specialist topics and general knowledge is guaranteed.  A little bit of acting too!  Prizes to be won.

Entry just £5.00 per head, or £15.00 for a team of four.

Hope to see you there!

This is an old post for the most up to date information see here 

Test before you invest

Good electric bikes are a big investment £1,000-£2,000 but a wonderful way of getting about in hilly areas. We think people need to experience the benefits over about 2 weeks and then get good help to choose if it is right for them, if so where to buy. This is what our scheme offers.


We can also put you in touch with other users in Malvern area.

We have chosen ‘step through’ frames with easy adjustable saddle height. All our bikes have a rack and panniers for shopping, a stand, lights, a lock and simple re-charging from your 3 pin plug. We have selected 2 different systems a hub drive and a crank drive and can tell you about the relative benefits.

Ring 01684 540284  or email

Why electric bikes?

Electric Bicycles are very similar to conventional bikes in construction but they have been fitted with a battery, a controller and a motor in order to assist the cyclist. This can be a kit fitted to a standard bike or a bike designed for the purpose, with the electrics built into the bike.


Some bikes have their motors in the front wheel some in the back wheel and some drive through the chain -  all three systems seem to work well and nearly all the modern machines have  either 24volt or 36volt Lithium batteries. They are very easy to ride and anyone who can ride a bike will instantly feel at home.


Before we tell you all the economical and environmental reasons why you should have an electric bike, we must stress that they are really good fun. You get all the pleasure and fresh air of a bicycle, without the hard work, like a moped but without the fumes, noise or cost.

First time riders always have a big smile on their face and many have commented “It’s like riding a bike only with a big hand to give you a push on the difficult bits”.

Health and Hills

It is said that a conventional bike keeps you fitter, but that of course depends how much, if at all, it is being used. Riding an electric bike is a real pleasure, even in hilly country or into the wind, so their owners are inclined to make more use of them. The motor can provide up to half the effort, but means more exercise for the rider. For more strenuous exercise you can switch the motor to a lower assistance ratio or even turn it off completely.


Perspiration may not be a serious issue when out for a leisurely ride, but it is relevant when cycling to work. An electric bicycle eliminates the problem and allows riders to wear their normal clothing and really enjoy the journey.

If you are or have been, a regular cyclist but are beginning to find it a bit too much then you really must try an electric bike. Suddenly those trips that seemed a bit too long appear to  have halved and hills that were too steep have miraculously flattened!


Electric bikes are incredibly frugal compared to motorbikes and cars. On average they cost less than 2p to recharge which is the equivalent of 1,000mpg (20 times the mpg of a small car).

Electric bikes are treated just like ordinary bicycles for legislative purposes so there’s no need to worry about Log Books, MOT, Road Tax, etc.

Most of the working non-electrical parts are standard cycle parts so regular servicing, like replacing tyres or brakes, are very cheap compared to car repairs.


Using an electric bike is a good way to wean yourself off cars. The average car journey in Britain is 8 miles and every day people make millions of small journeys to work, or to the shops and back, that could easily be non-polluting bike rides.

An electric bicycle can be made genuinely sustainable. Purchasing electricity from a ‘green’ supplier, or generating it via a roof-mounted solar panel, enables the vehicle’s fossil fuel consumption to be zero.

For help with supply and service:

For other information on the Loan Scheme, ring 01684 540284  or email [sf_email][/sf_email]