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Is Malvern being left behind in the affordable, accessible housing sector?

A post from Malvern Hills Community Led Housing.

Join Malvern Hills Community Led Housing for a lively Zoom debate about the future of housing across the Malvern District and our exciting project for Community Led Housing.   Meet our members and hear our plans. We look forward to hearing your views. If you are concerned about the new Planning Laws being introduced and want to make sure we get the housing we need, not the housing developers make the most profit from, then join us on one of three dates below to find out how you can help. Each event has the same content:

Our current core team is five but expanding the working team would allow us to accelerate achievement of our objectives and help navigate the maze of government policy, funding and planning rules with the aim of building homes to the highest environmental standards incorporating the latest building technologies, homes that fulfil the needs of both young and older people.

Anyone with a commitment to make this happen can get involved. There are a multitude of tasks to tackle which include everything from joining the committee, to admin and research tasks. We would particularly welcome input from anyone who has worked in construction, architectural practice and design, planning, or related areas.

You don’t have to live in one of the eventual houses to be involved, we welcome anyone who is interested so please join one of the events to find out more. This is a very worthwhile project and elsewhere in the country, from Devon, to Shropshire and Nottinghamshire, other community-led housing initiatives are proving very successful.

We have received a small grant from Homes England to establish this project; local councils are supportive of us and we are already looking at suitable plots in the Malvern Hills area. 

Jan Dyer
Secretary, MHCLH