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Worcestershire Gleaning Network Coordinator

The developing gleaning network in Worcestershire is looking for someone willing to act as the County Gleaning Coordinator for the forthcoming season (July - November). The post, which is voluntary, would require from 0.5 days to 2 days per week. It would involve contacting farmers and growers to explain the concept, practicalities and aims of gleaning, along with the benefits and considerations for the farmer. The coordinator would encourage volunteers to sign up to the Worcestershire gleaning network and would organise a number of gleaning days in the next few months.

The coordinator would be supported by a steering group from Growing Worcestershire, Gleaning Network UK and a number of local Gleaning Coordinators.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more about what would be involved in taking on this role, please contact John Rhymer ( or ring 01299 403424)

Please pass on this request to others who you think might consider helping us get started with the Worcestershire Gleaning network.

They would also like to find some District Gleaning Coordinators to build local networks of volunteers, identify farmers and growers who might potentially allow gleaning and support the County Coordinator in organising Gleaning Days.

In the next few weeks it should be possible for Worcestershire volunteers to register on the Gleaning Network UK website.